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Our mission is to promote healing and wholeness, transforming organizations through relationship enhancement and skill development.

Ruth Hansten

Nurses Leading at the Point of Care: Delegation & Supervision
New Online Course for CEUs

Ruth Hansten Introduces Hansten Healthcare's
New Delegation, Supervision & Assignment Course

For more details on this new 3-part online course, which offers a total of 5 CEUs,  visit Delegation, Supervision and Assignment CE.

The RROHCTM Program

Transform patient and staff outcomes by improving patient care at the bedside.

Facilities that implement the RROHCTM Program experience these outcomes as they make the bundle of best bedside practices a part of their daily routine.

Find out more about this innovative program by visiting our website at www.rrohc.com.

The Master Coach Manual for the Relationship and Results Oriented Healthcare Program

Ruth Hansten Introduces Hansten Healthcare's
New Master Caoch Manual for Optimal Healthcare

New from Hansten Healthcare PLLC: a vital resource derived from 22 years as a consultant and educator for approximately 175 healthcare organizations and 40 years as a nurse leader, Hansten Healthcare presents the Master Coach Manual for the Relationship & Results Oriented Healthcare® Program.

Whether or not your organization has used the Relationship and Results Oriented Healthcare concepts or best practices, this 79-page spiral-bound treasure offers 30 tools and processes for evaluating current care and coaching better practices and teamwork. In addition to acute care, sub-specialties such as perioperative, perinatal, behavioral health, ambulatory care, home health, emergency department, and long term care tools are featured along with tools for coaches, educators, and executives. A daily workbook for every healthcare practitioner and leader, this manual should be required for anyone pursing best practices toward optimal healthcare.

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