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Dr. Hansten is widely published in healthcare literature. Her first book, co-authored with Marilynn Washburn was I Light the Lamp (1990, Applied Therapeutics, Vancouver, WA), an inspirational and motivational gift book and resource for nursing professionals. The Nurse Manager's Answer Book (Aspen, 1993) offers realistic, workable solutions to the challenging situations faced by healthcare managers daily. Her third book, Clinical Delegation Skills: A Handbook for Professional Practice, now in its 4th edition, (Jones & Bartlett, 2009) uses dozens of real-life situations from all clinical settings and exercises to address the use of assistive personnel in care delivery settings. This book in its first edition, was selected for the AJN Book of the Year Award for 1994. The Toolbook for Healthcare Redesign, was released in 1997 as a guide with simple tools and strategies to make systems work. Home Care Nursing Delegation Skills was published in 1999. Currently, critical thinking skills and outcomes and relationship -based care management is an area of focus. The positive impact of these strategies has been published in the current professional literature and has been the topic of presentations at AONE and Nursing Management Congress. In 2008, The Relationship and Results Oriented Healthcare Implementation Manual was published.

Critical Thinking Dissertation

My entire life I have wondered why people choose such different solutions to similar problems.  This comes alive in clinical work as we see some nurses walking by a room with a (to me) obviously critical patient.

Therefore, my 2001 dissertation was research related to critical thinking and clinical judgment and how to teach nurses these skills.  As a part of that process, I developed and refined a critical thinking 10 question multiple choice test and offered it to thousands of nurses during the 1990s. As you will note in the accompanying abstract, the test should be used only as a teaching tool, as it is very context dependent.

Critical thinking and emotional intelligence skills are featured in the test, and answer choices are weighted based on sound criteria and expert panel judgment.  Enjoy using the test!

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About Ruth Hansten

Ruth I Hansten, RN MBA PhD FACHE is the author of six books and numerous articles. Her mission is to promote healing and wholeness, transforming organizations through relationship enhancement and skills development.

With over 35 years of experience in nursing, she brings both a practical and humorous approach to the essential work that nurses do. For the past 18 years her national consulting practice has worked with nursing care delivery models, critical thinking, delegation and leadership skills, as well as interdisciplinary team development and the RROHCTM bundle of best practices.

Her doctoral research focused on critical thinking and clinical judgment. She is most proud of being voted “boss of the year” by the ABWA in Spokane, WA, one of the “great head nurses” by the AJN in the 1980s, and helping raise 5 kids.

Our Mission

As a healthcare provider, you strive for optimal, individualized, relationship-based care, along with satisfying working conditions, and teamwork. As a citizen, you desire superior technical care delivered with the same compassionate focus and respect for your intended results.

Hansten Healthcare provides practical, exemplary service in consulting, based on decades of rich experience in clinical practice, leadership, and administration. We focus on the common building blocks of healthcare services and the systems that support them.

Our mission is to promote healing and wholeness, transforming organizations through relationship enhancement and skill development.