1 Fundamental Truth for the Patient Experience, Loyalty, and Outcomes

(Spoiler Alert: It’s NOT just smiling.)

The magic of discovering and achieving one major patient goal as a team (Team= the patient/family, the patient care providers and professional team) has been in the spotlight recently in articles and blogs.*  The essential nature of shared goals is not a flash news bulletin for successful organizations that have instituted the 10 best practices of RROHC® (Relationship & RESULTS Oriented Healthcare).  The RROHC care delivery model creates a secure space for understanding and connecting with the patient and helping him achieve his outcomes. When one’s relationship with the patient/family is individualized to the extent that there is mutual understanding of patient priorities, and the patient is able to realize them, satisfaction and loyalty abounds.   Teamwork among care providers at the point of care, and medical specialties, as well as those along the entire continuum of care, is enhanced as we work toward common goals.

Questions similar to those below will help your patients/families focus their thoughts and concerns so you will be able to partner in their care and engage their energies from episodic and short term easy fixes, to palliative care, to the comprehensive requirements of managing long term chronic conditions.

“What’s most important for you right now?”

“What’s your #1 concern for today’s care, and during this hospitalization?”

“What drove you to ask for assistance from us?”

“What are your priorities for this visit?”

“How do you want to be or to feel after you receive our help?”

“What’s really on your mind?” 

“What’s concerning you about the next part of your care? What do you need to be able to stay home? Let’s walk through a day’s events….”

“What’s getting in the way of your ability to live your life comfortably right now?”

“Looking over the next few days, and thinking about the best possible outcomes, how will you judge if this care is successful for you?”

We develop relationships in order to attain intended, patient-driven results. (#RROHC)  Seem deceptively simple?  If so, why are some healthcare organizations just discovering this truth?

Let’s cut the confusion for our patients and ourselves and get authentic about the crucial healing work we do. (No imitation smiles please.)

(*including Press Ganey, The Advisory Board, Becker’s Hospital Review)


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