3 Compelling Coaching Questions about Your Professional Practice Model

It’s 2016! Resolve to renew your nursing care delivery model.

Whether you call “it” a professional practice plan or just “how we work together to help people heal, ” persuasive results (better patient outcomes, employee satisfaction, and patient/family care experiences) will be worth your effort when all personnel share a positive purpose and work culture.

We recommend fielding these 3 coaching questions at your next unit governance council or departmental meeting. As leader, you may think the answers are crystal clear, while your team may disclose divergent answers that can become barriers to best practice.

1) How well does our care delivery model reflect our shared vision and values? 

  • Are patients and families and their preferred outcomes prominent?
  • How well are the nurses’ relationships with the patient/family supported so that nurses “know” their patients and care is not missed?

2) In what ways does our care delivery model sustain our own sense of agency or control over professional nursing practice? 

  • Does it assist RNs and team members to understand and practice at the height of their practice in leading and coordinating patient care?
  • In what ways does our model help us celebrate our accountability for helping the patient/family navigate toward best clinical results?

3) How does our professional care delivery plan create a framework and a team structure to guide our daily work?

  • Does each team member have a shared mental model or map in their brains about how we will communicate within our team including other disciplines, and methods to update each other on progress?
  • How does our structure help set up RN delegation and supervision of assistive personnel?


In our RROHC® Relationship & Results Oriented Healthcare system, a bundle of 10 best practices help clarify a shared mental model and team purpose, from the beginning of a shift or care episode to the end, always serving to help the patient/family achieve their own preferred outcomes through healing relationships.


A new year gives us a refreshing opening to renew our vital calling.  The health of our communities depends (at least partially!) on our healthcare team’s clarity of purpose and commitment to do our best to perform.  The above coaching questions are worth the time and effort!


For additional information, reach us at Ruth@Hansten.com, www.RROHC.com, www.Hansten.com, 360.437.8060.

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