Article by Gravlin and Bittner points out need for shared plan for delegation

Again our wonderful nurse scientists Gayle Gravlin at Lahey and Nancy Bittner from Regis College have published their research re: Nurses’ and Nursing Assistants’ Reports of Missed Care and Delegation in the July/August 2010 JONA (Journal of Nursing Administration).  Routine nursing tasks were identified as the most common omissions and the reasons included: Poor utilization of staff resources, time required, poor teamwork, ineffective delegation, habit and denial.  Turning, ambulation, feeding, mouth care, toileting!  all of these are missed and we can point out the sequelae:  Pressure ulcers, DVTs, pneumonia, loss of function, falls!  The factors that affected delegation included communication and relationships, nursing assistant competence and knowledge, and attitude and workload.  The authors point to our work at RROHC and the delegation textbook as possible recommendations. YES! We are glad to see again that research supports what we know works in our field work!

Thank you for this hard work and reality-based effort to make patient care and outcomes better, and thank you for the “shout out!”
Ruth and the RROHC Team

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