Complimentary WSNA Webinar 2/18: Follow the Money: Nurses Leading Value Based Care

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Facilitated by  Ruth Hansten, RN, PhD, FACHE on behalf of WSNA

Overview:  In this   webinar, nurses will learn about the pivotal role nursing must play to create   a better future for healthcare, so that patients/families and the public   enjoy excellent outcomes for each healthcare dollar spent.  The IOM recommendations   on the future of nursing, combined with current the CMS (Medicare/Medicaid)   reimbursement that penalize hospitals on poor quality care and patient dissatisfaction, place nurses in a powerful position to impact quality as   well as the organization’s financial resources.  Nurse’s interventions   to avoid healthcare acquired conditions, coordinate patients throughout the   entire continuum of care, creatively using electronic strategies, situate   nurses uniquely within the trans-disciplinary healthcare team.    Nursing’s charge is to accept this exciting assignment of redesigning a   healthcare system that works more effectively for our patients and   communities.

Learning Objectives:

List  4 recommendations made by the 2010 Institute of Medicine RWJ Report on  the Future of Nursing.

Define  the impact of Healthcare Acquired Conditions (HACs) and the Value Based  Purchasing program on financial reimbursement.

Describe  3 interventions nurses can use to improve the value of healthcare  treatment to patients/families clinical outcomes.

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