Congratulations to Healthgrade Patient Safety Excellence Award-winning clients

 I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the great news related to the Healthgrades 2013 Patient Safety Excellence awards. We congratulate clients Beaumont Troy in Troy Michigan, Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center in Clackamas OR (RROHC Specialists, Facilitators, and Master Coaches) and also St. Joseph Mercy, Michigan, and St. David Healthcare in Austin, TX. As stated by Healthgrades, “From 2009 to 2011, there were 287,630 serious, potentially preventable patient events among Medicare patients in US hospitals. Three indicators account for over 66% of all patient safety events: DVTs or PEs (VTE, lung or leg blood clots), Accidental puncture or laceration during a procedure, and respiratory failure following surgery.” When comparing these best hospitals to those “performing in the bottom 5%, these hospitals were 81% less likely to experience (postop) hip fracture, 80% less likely to experience pressure ulcers, 70% less likely to experience a catheter-associated blood stream infection acquired at the hospital.”

We share the vision that all of your organizations, all of US hospitals, would follow the lead of these Healthgrade Patient Safety Excellence Award™ Recipients offering world class care and patient safety!

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