Daniel Pink and Motivation or “DRIVE”

At the AONE convention in Boston two weeks ago, Daniel Pink discussed the research in his book Drive with about 3000 nurse executives.  He shared some exceptional insights into human behavior based on research, reminding us that “management” was a technology from the 1850s that was designed to build cars and secure compliance for people to do more work.   “Rewards and Punishments” only work the way we may expect them to in certain situations.  Money only matters to the point of fairness and comparability, not as a motivator.  (We knew this from past experiences if anyone expects more “work effort” after a raise is given!)   In fact, if we expect people to make decisions as professionals, we must focus on 3 things as key motivators:

1)  Autonomy

2)  Mastery

3) Purpose

We believe that the 10 steps of RROHC help RNs and their team members to use all of the above factors:  To exercise autonomy over tasks that they delegate and the work that they do, to see mastery over the outcomes they help their patients achieve as they debrief and celebrate those outcomes, and to realign with a sense of purpose each day as they connect with patient/family’s short term and ultimate health goals.

No wonder staff engagement and retention/recruitment rates improve with RROHC!



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