December JONA Article on Unraveling Care Omissions

Bittner, Gravlin, Hansten, and Kalisch’s article in the Journal of Nursing Administration (December 2011) focused on the prevalence of care omissions.  The kinds of care that are missed (ambulation, turning, even focused assessments) becomes a safety and quality issue especially with the most fragile patients.  In the article, we explore the impact of ineffective RN delegation and use of assistive personnel, effective deployment of personnel, and the need for steps to be taken by nurses to review:

  1. Determine, what is the current level of missed care?  (Use of Kalisch et al’s MISSCARE tool is a possible first step)
  2. Teach RNs how to delegate and supervise.
  3. Coach RNs in the principles of leadership and teamwork.
  4. Evaluate the care model for best bedside teamwork practices such as debriefing, checkpoints, huddles, bedside shift handovers.

We will be presenting a poster session on this topic at AONE in Boston in March!  See you there!

BTW, if you haven’t looked at our “new look” in our blog, we thought we would point out the change.  We have been tweeting (@Rhansten) and posting at Linkedin but have neglected our blog lately and we plan to rectify that!



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