Foundations Seminar 2007 in Gig Harbor

Kimberly and I were happy to welcome new RROHCers at the Inn at Gig Harbor yesterday for a full day Foundations in Relationship & Results Oriented Healthcare seminar.  Since most of the attendees were leaders, we focused on how to teach and implememt RROHC principles.  We offered scholarships to local college RN students as well as instructors as our way of spreading RROHC principles to the next generation of nurses.  As always, the Inn at Gig Harbor provided scrumptious sustenance (including a particularly lovely oatmeal cranberry coconut cookie…I HEARD they were a hit!) One participant commented:  “Excellent foundation seminar to build on! Thank you for your experiences shared and the opportunity to attend! Greatly enjoyed it!”  Another commented: “I have learned a lot and et reinforced my ideals as a nurse.  This program is beneficial to any organization in the healthcare field.”  Another participant stated she would remember to “breathe, pause, recall my impact as a healer.”

We welcome all the new people and organizations into our RROHC community!

2008-Specialist Conf1.jpg     2008-Specialist Conf2.jpg

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