From Conveyor Belt Care to Wrap Around Care

 Press Ganey Suggests Some RROHC Practices for Taking the Patient Experience to a Higher Level

In the April 2013 issue of HHN, Press Ganey outlines how to improve the patient experience and the key steps for leadership, including weekly executive rounding and supporting employees to connect their work with “numbers” and patient outcomes.  For staff best practices, PG discusses some RROHC practices. (I am doubtful they know some of these are also our RROHC best practices because they are becoming universal….although I did speak about RN/patient connections at their national meeting about 10 years ago!)  Essential care processes  include rounding, bedside shift reporting, and monitoring and feedback coaching to help caregivers better connect with patients.

The Mayo Clinic future model..that of “Wrap-Around Care” instead of current day “Conveyor Belt Care”, featuring a community of multidisciplinary workers with patients in the middle. Population health management, prevention, and a proactive approach to health is featured.  Florence Nightingale would be proud to see this come to fruition!

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