Develop the Ultimate in Professional Practice in Your Organization in 2013: New RROHC® Professional Practice Specialist Course Begins July 1


 In this 1-1/2 minute video, Ruth Hansten explains how the RROHC program can improve patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction and clinical outcomes; and increase employee engagement by up to 4x. 


The RROHC Professional Practice Specialist Program has been shown to improve professional practice up to 37%!


Following are just a few of the real results our clients have experienced by implementing the RROHC philosophy and bundle of best bedside practices and expert delegation and supervision skills.

  • Nurses at a Michigan hospital gained 30 more minutes a day by implementing the RROHC system for shift handoffs.
  • Organizations enrolled in the RROHC program show 37% improvement in clinical delegation skills.
  • Graduates show improved team engagement and satisfaction with improved nurse retention.
  • An Emergency Department in Ohio improved the time from admission to patient transfer by an average of 54 minutes.
  • A Midwest hospital’s overall rating of inpatient care grew by 20%.
  • A Pediatrics Unit and ED earned a 99% in Press Ganey score and reached 80-90% mean patient satisfaction.


We are now accepting registrations for the RROHC Professional Practice Specialists Course that begins July 1.

This enhanced course will offer customized, online training at its best, with access to live coaching by Ruth Hansten.

Highlights of the five-month instructor-guided self-study include:

  • Each student receives a portfolio, worksheets, tools and assignments. Two textbooks are required, and access to a computer and specified online sites is needed.
  • Each participant will have access to video coaching and live group coaching via pre-scheduled conference calls spaced periodically to enable access to all shifts.
  • Four hours of Nursing credit is granted from Olympic College (additional registration fees apply).
  • Your organization’s coordinator assists with discussions or group work internally.
  • Each participant completes an individual or group critical thinking project.

To register, visit RROHC Professional Practice Specialist Registration.

For more information, email Kathy Watkins.

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