Nursing Makes a Significant Difference

In Nurse Leader, June 2010, Steven Shaha, PhD, DBA, reveals research that quantifies predictive relationships with nursing care, financial success, and satisfaction for both nurses and inpatients.  This study shows that when nurses have developed efficient and effective care models that reflect understanding of the patient’s actual needs, there are positive effects.  Sounds like RROHC to me!

Key: AMI:  Acute Myocardial Infarction, HF, Heart Failure, CAP, Community Acquired Pneumonia 

The Impact of Nursing Care on Patients:

  1. As smoking cessation counselling rates increased for AMI, HF, and CAP, so did inpatient satisfaction. 
  2. As pneumococcal vaccine rates improved, so did patient satisfaction. 

The Impact of Nurses on Organizational Performance:

  1. As smoking cessation counselling rates increased, supply costs decreased for AMI patients.  Supply costs also correlated with shorter LOS (length of stay).  (attentive to patient’s actual individualized needs?)
  2. For CAP patients, supply costs decreased as timing and appropriateness of blood cultures improved, and timing and activity levels for antibiotics improved (p. 38)

The Effect of Organizational Success on Nurses:

  1. As labor costs fell, nurse satisfaction improved.  (Could this be due to more confusing, inefficient environments mean less satisfaction and more overtime?)
  2. Financially healthy organizations experienced less nursing associate turnover.  (Is this because the organization is spending fewer hours on hiring, firing, retraining?)
  3. As average LOS decreased, perceptions of attention to the needs of associates improved.  The author intuits that “improvements in care processes and standardization of care result in shorter LOS; predict greater associate engagement,  involvement, and ownership; and reflect higher perception of the associates needs being met.” (p 38)

The Effects of Organizations Financial Health on Patient Satisfaction

  1. As paid hours of nursing increased, inpatient satisfaction improved.
  2. Nursing productivity correlated with patient satisfaction.  (Busy and attentive nurses perhaps?)
  3. Lower supply costs predicted better patient satisfaction.

“Nursing Makes a Significant Difference: A Multihospital Correlational Study”

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