“Ruth in the Room” Audio: Leadership, RN Professional Practice

Today in our 54 minute conversation about 2014,  Ruth Hansten and 10 participants discussed an overview of 2014 trends, celebrated improvements in patient outcomes and safety, and discussed methods to help nurses and other healthcare leaders and educators to improve their understanding of their own roles and professional practice.

Ruth discussed the questions she has heard recently in her work;

1) Making Assignments:  Why worry about MAs and NACs reporting to several RNs? (Ruth referred the group to the online resource:  http://learning.hansten.com,  delegation #part 3 that discusses Making Assignments.)

Ruth also shared the improvement in HCAHPS scores by using block assignments, and thanked Kristen Lang-Coleman at Wellstar Kennestone neurospine unit for submitting her research on process improvements through RROHC.

2)  Reporting Procedures: The group discussed the positive impact of multidisciplinary rounds and also the hazards of  NAs reporting to each other without the RNs hearing what is being said. We are still having issues with lack of understanding of the impact of doing or not doing tasks.

3) Nursing Leadership at the Point of care: “Why should I be held accountable; it takes too much time. I should just do it myself. ” Ruth has also heard that nurses expect the MD should be doing the supervision in ambulatory care, even though that process isn’t really occurring and in some states (such as WA) it’s clear the RNs are held accountable for supervision.

4) Leaders as Coaches:  accountability with outcomes.  A KEY issue that occurs with leadership is we assume that people “know” what could happened down the road if we don’t warm the patient, keep glucose under control postop, turn, ambulate,  etc.  They don’t. They are often overwhelmed by tasks.  (See Ruth’s Nurse Leader article in the August, 2014). We all have to keep your eye on the outcome!

Ruth also encouraged people to consider registering for the January 6, 2015 Professional Practice Specialist Course; a 20 week instructor guided self-study designed for novices to executives to focus on professional growth and critical thinking.  http://www.rrohc.com/culture.htm 

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