Save the Date: January 6, 2015

Strengthen Professional Practice Beginning January 6th
 January through May course with 8 contact hours with Ruth Hansten,
online videos, a 94 page portfolio of worksheets, online or on paper education coursework, 
and a real practical problem solved!
Delegation/Supervision Skills National Survey
You won’t want to miss enrolling in the January 2015 RROHC® Professional Practice Specialist Course if you are thinking about:
  • Maintaining or boosting your competitive edge with your patient’s care experience
  • Developing/establishing a charge RN or unit council development program
  • Succession planning and retaining emerging leaders
  • Seeking Magnet Status
  • Aspiring to a more responsible leadership role yourself, and you require some strategies to bring your department up to exemplary levels of performance
  • Re-energizing your nursing team with renewed enthusiasm and team synergy
  • Streamlining teamwork at the point of care
  • Improving quality of care for your organization
  • Sharing your passion for patient/family centered care in practice.

Over the last 20 years, the Hansten Healthcare PLLC team has assisted 175 healthcare organizations nationally, yet this last year would be hard to surpass in terms of learning about what works to improve patient results. workable strategies, and the results that promise a competitive edge in an era of value-based purchasing.


Our client organizations are reaping the benefits of creating in-house best practice consultants. New for 2015: We are offering our Professional Practice Course to be licensed in your facility! In our coursework now, each student has an opportunity for approximately 8 hours of contact time with Ruth Hansten as instructor and coach.


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