The Value of Coaching

Feedback from healthcare leaders about the most valuable aspects of coaching, after  receiving coaching, and after coaching development:

  • Ability to pause, reflect, and grow

  • Learning to monitor my own reactions

  • I learned to be a more active listener

  • Gained from listening more effectively

  • I have begun using more open-ended questions (with the intention that the conversations lead to decisions and actions by those being coached)

  • I use more intention and evaluation before a conversation

  • Focusing on effective feedback has helped me with those I lead

  • Self-reflection “forced” me to be more intentional and to pause and think about how I communicate and the words I choose

  • Problem solving around difficult situations most valuable!

We offer targeted coaching for those leaders that would like short-term  or longer-term development or assistance with challenges! Contact us at for more details.




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