Transform Underperforming “Problem” Units

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Perhaps your HCAHPS scores are improving–except for a couple of problem units.  What to do?

Here’s what we notice as we coach nurse executives and unit managers related to identifying the issues impacting the patient/family experience.




  1. Professional Practice Review of this department: As we review the anonymous online surveys completed by RNs, techs, unit secretaries, and leaders, we help you identify skill gaps and teamwork issues.
  2. Change of Shift Observations tool:  We provide you with a tool to observe the actual processes of shift handover and the ways in which nurses, techs, and physicians interact and work together, and process gaps that may be occurring that further impact care quality and safety.  Or, we often come on-site to observe and listen to shift handoff and thereby ascertain the current level of clinical reasoning.
  3. Design of Assignment and Care Delivery Models:  We review your current patient population and how care is being allocated—and whether the 5 Rights of Delegation/Supervision are being used appropriately, or if best practices are being employed.
  4. Recommendations:  we help you determine next steps, whether it be skill development or process revision, working with your unit councils or care leaders.
  5. Coaching: Practical experience working with over 175 healthcare organizations over the last 20 years allows us to work effectively—and quickly—with executives and unit leaders to help them define their goals, identify barriers, review next steps, with feedback and advice as requested. 
  6. Celebrate the Results:  We celebrate our roles in helping you transform your own workplace—and the outcomes are better patient/family satisfaction, improved fall and pressure ulcer rates, happier staff and providers.   

If your goal is expedited, efficient departmental metamorphosis:

Review what’s happening at the point of care—follow with targeted process development,

while sealing skill gaps through training.



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