WOO HOO! Harrison and Kaiser are in the NEWS!

We are so proud to see that Harrison Medical Center and Kaiser were featured in the Pacific NW NurseWeek journal October 7, 2007! On the COVER were Megan Erickson, Julie Gardner, and Kim Ragsdale and they were also quoted in the Cover Story; Passing the Baton: Bedside Shift Report Ensures Quality Handoff by Ann Federwisch, who interviewed the CA Kaiser Nurse Knowledge Exchange leaders as well as our Harrison RROHC Facilitators and yours truly. Here’s the link http://include.nurse.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071008/NW01/710080353 as of Dec 07. We will send out the information to all who would like the URL if you don’t receive NurseWeek or if the link fails.

We are SO happy to see you all featured. Now, we don’t guarantee everyone who attends the RROHC facilitator session will be a “covergirl” but hey, it could be possible, couldn’t it?
We also thank you for your patients and their families for your dedication to the health and healing of your community! Smiling, Ruth

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