Ruth Hansten


Hansten Healthcare specializes in patient care systems with practical, individualized recommendations. We'll evaluate the root cause of problems, review the efficacy of care delivery systems, explore assignment planning with diverse types of patient care providers, and determine how to best utilize the personnel available.

We'll provide practical recommendations for improvement of patient care systems and processes. Hallmarks of this service include:

  • Specific focus on one or two departments
  • Product lines or facility-wide assessment
  • Attention to the opinions and performances of those at the point of service as in leadership roles.
  • Delegation Training

    Throughout 18 years of improving care delivery at approxiately 170 hospitals nationally, Hansten Healthcare PLLC has solidified our belief that patient outcomes are contigent on bedside care providers' teamwork. Delegation, supervision, and teamwork practices are complex critical thinking processes that require emotional intelligence, skill development, training, application, coaching.

    We offer proven results and experience in training staff and improving bedside communication. We will develop a program that meets your specific needs. Hansten Healthcare also provides assessment and coaching tools, scheduled webinars, on-site classes, and telephone consultation and coaching related to delegation and supervision skills and charge RN development.   Read more...

    Workshops & Seminars

    We offer a variety of workshops in conjunction with the implementation of the RROHCTM program. We also offer individual workshops on improving patient care at the beside and strengthening nurse delegation skills.

    Find out more about our workshops and semimars by visiting our website at

    Other Services

    We provide comprehensive assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Organizational assessment
  • Patient care models and systems and patient team effectiveness
  • Management and leadership coaching
  • Improving nurse delegation and supervision
  • Magnet Designation project support
  • Training: Critical thinking, team building, leadership skills
  • Coaching skills

  • We'll address your organization's specific needs with cost-effective, streamlined processes.